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Wake up!

Ok so I am alive. It's good to see everyone else is. I'd really like to liven up this community. Does anyone have any ideas?

Well until I can think of something really brilliant (or someone supplies me with something brilliant) I am going to post a blurb of something or other.

Recently I was rereading the book, Not Even A Hint by Joshua Harris. I found a section that stood out. It reads:
My bigger outbreaks of sin are usually triggered by smaller sins that I wasn't diligent in guarding against.

He later writes:
Keep as far as you can from those temptations that feed and strengthen the sins which you would overcome. Lay siege to your sins and starve them out, by keeping away the food and fuel which is their maintenance and life

This really spoke volumes to me, especially in my single life. I saw how easily I was tempted by "bigger" things as I "watered down" smaller sins.

What do you think?
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