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A Personal [Or Rather, PersonalS, ha] Question

Hey guys. I'd like your advice on something, if ya don't mind.

When offering me advice about this, though, there are two things I want you to consider:

1) I am not at the strongest point in my relationship with God, to say the least, and I feel like I have a lot of maturing to do (both spiritually and as a person) before God would want me to be in a romantic relationship. Right now I really don't think I'm supposed to be in a romantic relationship.

2)I tend to be shy and not want to try new things. I tend to hang around only my own little group of friends (almost all of whom, by the way, are female), which means I don't get exposed to a whole lot of new situations and don't have a lot of chances to meet new people.

Now, on the flip side of that coin, I loooooooooooove acting and performing and work at a dinner theatre. As a result of that, I've become a bit more outgoing and comfortable in social situations around people I don't know. Situations that I would avoid before now seem at least...plusible. It's nice.

So, my question:

I picked up a local magazine (because it had an article in about acting, ironically enough), and noticed personal on the back. Not even Christian personals, just regular, local personals. I noticed that two guys my age had personals that mentioned that they wanted to be friends first, then see where it goes. What I was thinking is this: I KNOW I'm not ready to be in a romantic relationship, but I could always use new friends. So do you think it'd be okay for me to try contacting these guys as long as they know from the start that I'm only looking for friendship? Or do you think that I should leave the whole idea of personals alone since I know that the romatic things not for me and might be secretly hoping for it?

Did any of that long ramble make sense? Hope so. :P

Anyhow, your advice and opinions would be muchly appreciated! Thanks!

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