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HI yall

Okay so I just joined and I can see there hasn't been much activity lately but hey sometimes it happens so...

Here's a little about me:
Name: Eric
1. Age: 19 Birthday november 10 1985
2. Sex: male
3. Location: Naperville, IL
4. Hair: brown
5. Eyes: Blue
6. Religion: Lutheran (LCMS)
7. Ethnicity: Caucasion
8. Language: English
9. Education: In college Western Illinoise University
10. Occupation: full time student, seasonal at culvers in Naperville
11. Smoker: very ocasionally a cigar or hooka I don't go chew or cigarettes
12. Drinker: Not anymore, none what so ever
13. Marital Status: Single :(
14. Want Children: Yeah some day. probably 2 boy and a girl.
15. You can see my interests on my Info page, but I'll tell ya now I'm sorta of a geek lol
16. I'm open to any new friends just say so.
17. I'm open to any women, no requirements just AIM me at LutheranZealot or e-mail me at
18. I'm also what some would say chubby, I'm not fat or extremely over weight just chubby lol. (can't believe i just said that)
19. any questions are very welcomed just ask!
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