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long ago

Did all of you have great summers?  Anyone here serve the Lord in any way?  I'd love it if you shared your summer stories and experiences.  I worked at a camp in Western New York as the horsemanship director.  It was awesome!  17 kids came to know the Lord!!  Praise Him for that!!

 I'm Sorry its been a while since I last posted.  Its hard for me to come here and read my friends journals, especially friends who claim to be Christians (i'm not referring to any of you) but are clearly living a life according to their flesh.  My one really good friend (we are not as close as we once were) who is gay yet claimed to hate the gay lifestyle, is once again searching for a boyfriend.  He parties every night, drinks, smokes.  Not living for Jesus.  His brother, who also claims he is a Christian, feels like his life is empy and useless.  I really don't know what to say to them.  I've said stuff in the past yet it has done nothing.  I pray about it on occassion but sometimes I feel as if my prayers are falling on deaf ear (yet I know they aren't because Scripture tells me they aren't).  I hurt for others and I want the best for my friends but they don't care about themselves.  Please just pray for them.  I'd appreciate it so much. 

Jenny :-)

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But Christian do feel it sometimes right? The emptiness bouts even if we know we are in Christ.
How do you counself people like that?I want to know too.
I stumbled here through someone else's journal and I have a question about your post. Do you disapprove of that way he is living because he is gay or the way he choses to manifest his sexuality? Almost every gay male I have ever talked to says that the "gay lifestyle" is a product of 1. not being able to express their love in the every day world 2. not having the commited relationships they have acknowledge by mainstream society 3. gender stereotypes that men are more sexual, etc, etc.